Everyone has heard the old saying “you never know until you try.” I’ve also learned is that you will never find peace until you try.

How many things do you have floating around in your head that you wish you could do or pursue? I have too many to count. All of the bucket lists and well-intended goals unrealized have become ghosts that haunt me the moment I feel weak. When I’m feeling happily distracted I become complacent, but they are still there.

I’ve recently begun to tackle some of the things that fall into these categories and doing so never fails to leave me wondering why I didn’t do them sooner, like this website. I’ve been in the closet writing for a while now, and I feel so much happier and at peace now that I’m letting this stuff out. The same goes for sharing it with people I know. I had hidden this from everyone until my husband finally outted me on social media, and I was shocked by the show of support I received. Of course, my pride cringes at the thought of learning how to write in plain view of the world, but at least my soul is content because I’m doing something I’ve always wanted to do.

The same applies to meeting new people or dating online, which is how I met my husband. Only days after I met him, he had a major family crisis emerge prompting all of my friends to urge me to give up any hope of ever dating him. Something in me just knew that I should give it a shot, and thank goodness I did. Even the thought of having children scared me because both of my parents were drug addicts and I had a pretty rough childhood. I was never taught how to parent and wondered if that meant I would fail miserably. Much to my surprise, it came naturally to me and depending on the day, I’m better at it than I ever would have thought. If I hadn’t tried, I would never have learned how much I enjoy being a mom or know the love that I feel for my kids.

I could list about 100 instances in which trying has not only pleasantly surprised me in terms of my own strength, but also brought me so much peace and joy. You should try it today and see for yourself.