Time management is an act of self-respect and shows respect for others. It allows you to take time for others which in turn feeds your own soul.

What can you do to ensure that your days run smoothly and peacefully? Take a deep breath and get it together.

Nothing gets your day off to the wrong start like rushing. Rushers are worriers and road-ragers. They are usually running late and frantic. By the time they arrive anywhere, they feel like they have just done an Iron Man because they have taxed their body with so much stress. Not only does this hurt you, it hurts the people around you. Common sense dictates that when you are rushed, you aren’t emotionally available or compassionate. It can also make you act like a jerk when you normally wouldn’t. You can find lots of tips on the Internet for how to handle stress and manage time, but below are just a few suggestions of things that have worked for me.

Accept responsibility for your life and obligations. If you have too much going on you might need to cut the crap. Too busy means too much going on.

Know your priorities. My family is my biggest priority, and I know that there are certain things I have to do to be present and available to them completely. I wake up an hour before my sons do so that I can get my bearings and shower before they come barreling into my room. I also have routines in place so that I can get the necessary things done when they are asleep or at school so that if they want me to play with them, I have the time. I also pad in lots of extra time when I know we have to go somewhere so that I’m not stressed out and prone to impatience. When I don’t do these things, I end up anxiety-ridden, and it rubs off on everyone around me. Not fun.

Manage your time better. Nothing kills a good mood or calm demeanor more quickly than rushing. There really is no excuse here. Sure there are extenuating circumstances when we all run late, but if you are always falling behind, it’s time to get control over this aspect of your life.

Take some time today to identify a few routines to implement and obligations to edit out to ensure that you can have calmer and happier days from start to finish.