Lessons are meant to be learned and lived. I think the old saying “live and learn” should be reversed to read “learn and live.” Many are too hard-won to be forgotten and unpleasant enough to not want to be relived, and I’ve observed in my time that lessons learned but not lived will be repeated.

Some things just happen in life and there isn’t any reason why. The best thing we can do in those situations is practice acceptance. Yet some things happen, and the lesson is obvious. Ideally, with consistent awareness, we can learn and adjust before problems arise, but some things require a real blow up to get our attention. Everyone is naive or ignorant to at least one issue that needs attention but we ignore or refuse to address.

If you have to time and patience to do an inventory of your own life’s lessons, it will give you a new perspective on some of the experiences you’ve had, and you can use what you’ve learned and improve your life.

At the very least, take note of anything you might be grappling with today and find the lesson in it. How can you live that lesson to help yourself and others going forward?