When you get married, you exchange vows with another person to love and honor them, along with a host of other promises.  This basically boils down to keeping up your end of the deal. Although some people adhere to their vows more strictly than others, it’s still something most people take very seriously. By saying “I do” we are mentally, physically and spiritually committing to a set of lifestyle choices and saying “yes” to a set of standards to live by.

Saying “I do” to more than just marriage is like saying “yes” to life. Setting goals and striving to do your best can take on more meaning when you view them as a vow you are taking between yourself and God or the universe. Simply trying or hoping might yield results, but saying “I do” can become a personal pledge to take your pursuits seriously.

Say “I do” to yourself and commit to giving this life all you’ve got.