The grass will die on either side of the fence if its not watered.

My neighbor with the most amazing yard. Ours isn’t bad, but I expend zero effort into it and it shows. Aside from a few milkweed plants to perpetuate the growth of the Monarch butterfly, I haven’t done a thing. Yet, every morning when I wake up at 5:45 am my neighbor is out tending to her yard. She has landscapers who help, but she is right in there with them when they come. It seems like she’s always out there maintaining it and keeping it up, and it’s a beautiful oasis.

We often forget that grass is green because someone takes the time to water it, care for it and fertilize it. Our life is the same. Anything we don’t care for will wither and die, and cause us to envy all that is growing and thriving in someone else’s life. With some awareness and action, the green we see can be new life, not envy.

Water the grass on your own side: work hard, be sincere, expend effort in healthy relationships, do you part, ask how you can help, put the needs of others first, do your best, cut others some slack and see the good in your own life. Be appreciative for what you have and whom you love. Today, not tomorrow.

Image source: Margaret Kilgallen