Sometimes my mind feels like one of those machines you find at an amusement park where you put a penny in, crank a wheel, and it comes out its stamped with an emblem that looks nothing like the original. The shape is different, what it says on each side is different, the only thing that is the same is the substance it was made of. It went in one way and came out a different way. Yet no matter how many different pennies I put in, the process will always remain the same and the outcome will always be the same. Why would I expect a different outcome? This begs the question: why not do something else with my money?

We all have default settings that keep us cranking out the same results and outcomes. Relationship patterns, work habits and even how we spend our money are often dictated by a subconscious decision making process.

For the areas of your life that are great, this is a good thing. For the areas that could stand some improvement, this can be frustrating. By simply becoming aware that you can live your life by making conscious choices and achieving new and improved results or liver you life by default, which will yield more of the same, you can welcome in positive growth and advancement in all areas of life.